recently i have been thinking about what photography means to me and to be a photographer and who is trying to become a photographer who reacts to the world or society, what is it that i have to, or i could do.i saw an interview of alec soth on youtube and he was talking about how photography has reached a point where everyone shoots their daily lifes, any subject makes a photograph and all that “photography now” kind of topic. well, after the new color photographers, like eggleston, he made every thing a photograph and the curator of that time shaped that particular area, the new color. but since then and now, no body has never experienced a world full of images flooding in the internet world. everybody is taking a photograph and i think every single human in their life, now with whatever smartphone or cell phone they have takes photographs and posts it on whatever sns. and that just makes photographers who shot their daily lives and was making money with that, jobless. so, snap shots, street shots or so called street photographs are now, kind of in a difficult situation, as everybody knows. i mean by everybody documenting their daily lives, there’s no need to show that to the society now. although, some photographers are still able to achieve something from snap shots like the photographer who won the ihei kimura award this year, in japan. there’s a lot more that i want to make my self clear and talk about but too much words just irritates sometimes so someday, i want to do that.
any way, here are photographs from switzerland, taken last fall, november 2013.

lined up all set for zurich!

goodbye japan! just for two weeks though.

so i made it to zurich safely. but! accidentally, i made a huge mistake when i developed my first roll so, those images are gone…

from the second roll!

raclette is one of the traditional foods you’ll find in switzerland.

i wonder what happened here.


hoi! “hey!” in swiss german.






zurich hb, the central station at zurich. it’s been an year yes.

here we see dominik, hello:) i’m sure he was happy to see me again even tho you cannot tell from his face.

adrian, who goes to the famous, ETH Zürich-Hönggerberg. also dominik’s roommate. preparing for his night time fun<3!!

kevin here for dinner. he’s a….model.

as we discussed what to watch on dominik’s itunes movie thing…

social animal documentary? the gypsy stuff? food? sports? hmmm…

so we watched his documentary.

yeah i think he was made to think here…

so it made him think of how his socks are today.

see you next time kevin, with the painting he drew on the right hanged on dominik’s flat’s wall.

second day at switzerland.

adrian showed me around his university, the ETH Zürich-Hönggerberg.

what he does best.

ask out a girl.

and kiss!…sorry that wasn’t adrian.

just two mercedes cars parked in front of a house, nothing special.



i had some time before my next schedule so what i did was walk around.


it was raining most of the time.



more walk.


and some more walk…



some times take pictures off course.

and sometimes you get a glance but be polite, “hoi:)”.

off to luzern but before that, went to meet with andreas and his family.
one of my purpose was to attend to his award receiving ceremony, at luzuern.
the name of the award is “hans erni prix”, and i heard that this award gives out the award to artists who have accomplished a great body of work, that has the potential to change the world, in every two years.


the seibert’s here! glad to see them after the move.

from the car.


and off course andisan.

we got lost in luzern, had to ask the pedestrians.

arrived at the hotel.



so here is the place, where my sir andreas received his Hans Erni prize 2013. a big art award in switzerland.

so here he’s giving a brief speech.

gabreilla, last time we met was in tokyo 2012? an year ago, but now at the after ceremony party.

on the way back to zurich from luzern.

so next day came, he looked pretty happy from the morning.

as we went into a church, what people do mostly these days, take our selfies!

view from that church, looking down at zurich city. dominik, pointing at his working office.

lovely selfies again<3

i love it when people are running…

on the way for brunch with dominik.

paris, that’s where i’ll be heading in a couple of days:)

dominik gives me this “i love this cafe, so sweet” face.

then he takes photographs of the food, which was pretty delicious.

he likes details.

“that’s a good one” he said for the shot above this one. as we were heading for mr.seibert’s home.

and we arrived at their house.

the three generation style.

after that, me and dominik went to sarnen, dominik’s hometown.

so many mandatory service guys since it was sunday evening, they were heading back to their own base camp.

“you fu**in as**ole!!!!!” sorry, no finder.

the next morning at dominik’s home.
my bed and room was taken over by cats, what a lovely start of the day. i mean it! they’re cute.

kitty time!!!

so that was the kitty time.

dominik’s father, on his birthday.

switzerland’s typical? breakfast?

the sigrists trying to find the right mountain to climb on.

the car gets ready. for the mountain!!!