So many days have passed since I’ve last posted any street photo like blog post. After my first assignment from The NYTimes back in 2013 (a portrait shoot of Kohei Nawa), I had the luck and privilege to shoot so many other assignments from various clients. Not just news like editorials but for fashion, PR and such. They were all challenging which I like but at the same time, they give you an intense pressure and most of the time, that pressure tries to over come you. And what I had to do was try to conquer that pressure by focusing on what I had to shoot as the subject, research on what the matter or what the subject is all about, maintain confidence by trying to relax myself, play soccer while I’m not in a need to shoot photographs which makes me feel comfortable since I had been playing soccer for my whole entire life. And such goes on… There was never once an easy assignment, that’s for sure.

But while I’ve been doing client works, I was shooting my own projects and also street photographs continuously. Some days I wasn’t out with a camera because my life wasn’t heading the way I wanted to go but more or less even when I was struggling, I did push myself to carry a camera along my neck for 24/7.

Many things have passed during these 6 years since I’ve started freelancing. Meeting new people, making new friends, partners and saying good bye to them and again meeting new ones. The most saddest things that occurred will have to be the moments of saying good bye to some of my family members in Hokkaido. Very difficult times we had but an inevitable one. I cannot sum up what I had experienced just by my words but maybe some photographs will help understand a bit more.

So let’s start! though there’s too many photographs so don’t know where to start from…
Starting from 2016 winter to this year!


yes, PARIS, same day same negative.
Yoyogi Park. It says “Do not go inside, too dangerous.”

This is Yoshie by the way, my precious partner. She is smart and wise, way more than me of course and she remembers in her mind every little detail that I forget easily which just helps me out a lot. Thanks always.And then, Yoshie and I headed to Toyama for the New Years Day.
The end of December 2016 to January 2017.

The new years day were all like this in 2017.
Also in Toyama Pref.walked around a bit.

at the Imizu Jjinja.Yoshie:)

next day, on the tram.

In Toyama, Cokes.
Japanese, Russian, English. Didn’t think Russian would be there.

two love birds.
Hello World.

Toshinaga Maeda statue in front of Takaoka Station.
Back in Tokyo… remember it was such a windy day, in January.
Also it was snowing over night on that day before. But in Tokyo, snow won’t last that much.

There’s these taxis parked in front of Hosei Univ. entrance gate in Chiyoda district. at the Yasukuni Shrine, which is my least favorite place to be politically. But for a photograph, sorry.
And again, but with a shrine.
referring to the you know who.
Then after these days, I went shooting with a digital Leica M9-P.
But it wasn’t long until I came back to film. Like a month maybe.
Also to someone… Shin Noguchi?
Kumamon is a character from Kumamoto Pref.
You’ll see him everywhere in Japan though.
While I shoot Kumamon, Yoshie waits…
HANDS KITCHEN says it all. Such a popular figure now.
Around Edogawa. Went searching for Tora-san. One of my favorite movies.
 Now for some latest ones.
Oh, this is Sei Katori, a young promising photographer, maybe? Go check his website, after looking through mine that is. But he sure has some nice ones.

Asakusa.As you might notice but I got close to people. It was because I started using a 28mm.
We’re now into 2018.
There’s much more from 2016, 2017 but just flipping through so might post other ones later. Will see.
Simona and Toshiki.
These two are some lovely people from Kyoto, but now they’re likely in Tokyo.
They’ve let me stay at their room for a night. With Toshiki’s tasty dinner.
Haven’t seen them for a while. Better make a call soon.
Okay, that’s about it for this one.
Hopefully, if a next post like this, showing photographs from my life comes, I will definitely have to show some Hokkaido ones.
Like the next shot.This was from 2017, it’s when I started going to Hokkaido back and forth.