on monday, nov 25th 2013, dominik’s father’s birthday, we went for the mountains.
i don’t remember the name sorry but switzerland, i’m sure you all know but the nature is massive and beautiful. the scenery even in the cities, off course there are fancy brand stores but mostly, the historical like buildings are left from the past or used even now and you would never expect them in tokyo. well let’s get back to the photographs! hope you enjoy.

from the car, even this was beautiful.

the sigrist’s and myself, hexar af. i used mostly hexar for switzerland.

as we arrived, it’s already pretty high from the ground level. i mean we’re already up on a mountain.

dominik already having fun!

she seemed like she was so satisfied with her life and brunch, but for real, her husband was sent to the ww2, and never came back. will, i’m not sure with that story but it could be true. you’ll never know what other people’s lives are.

we went into a cafe for hot chocolate.

he asked for it.

so went back after a while. was a very nice and calm stay.

texting to his you know who. i don’t know.

just a through the mountains selfie.

santa claus having a fall break!

the village of sarnen at 5pm.

children practicing their musical instrument at a school.

goodbye sarnen!

train ride again to zurich.
he looked pretty tired. hope he doesn’t sleep.

oh, the guy next to me was asleep, “don’t be like him dominik! without you, i won’t understand swiss german…”

too late…was asleep.

oh, i might as well take photographs then.

we finally came back to zurich. oh no, this was luzern.

they are not friends.

so many train rides or train ride shots.

everyone on their iphones and smartphones…everywhere the same i guess all around the globe.

even girls doing make ups is the same here.

too dark, but this is the atmosphere that i was experiencing.

he did look like neuer, the german goal keeper.

and back to the tram. for meierhofplatz!

dominik sort of liked her style.

finally after a looong day or two.

and now for alpenmagronen time!

adrian doing his “element” face:)

the final check of alpenmagronen.

he was very much satisfied with the taste!

and to the next day. i headed for burn, first time in my life. burn.

there was a german festival going on at zurich hb station.

santa and his wife going for burn on vacation.

at burn station, an hour ride from zurich.

so started walking.

where am i? oh thanks.

and more walk.

more walk.

and walked.

oh, i need a beer or something…

hu? where am i?

so i had beeeeeeeeeer. took a photo on instagram.

so after the break, another time for walk.

nice couple. so i had to ask for a portrait since i hadn’t been taking any portraits in zurich.

just a lovely couple portrait. with ektar 100, hasselblad 501c.

did anybody loose a claw?

burn was a city of chess. human size chess.

and my burn finished here. now to head back.

as i came back home, adrian was already having his supper. i think he was going to have a test from the next morning.

adrian searching for some funny video online which he showed us but i forgot what it was….

what was it adrian?

he can’t stop smiling.

now just having fun.

with mac.

adrian here showing me how it feels like when you sit on a toilet seat that’s warm…like in japan.
oh god just by remembering that coooold toilet seat in zurich…makes me shiver.

and on the last evening, we watched THE chuck norris. it was a blast.

my (or dominik’s) nokia! i couldn’t have done it without him. thanks dominik for letting me use this small cell phone for a week.

where i was doing my facebook checks.

that corner was where i slept for the whole week.

adrian giving me all his goodbye love.

and next morning came.

i had a little time again so just walked as usual.

and this is my last photograph from switzerland!
next up, paris.