after a nice walk with dominik that night, i had to wake up early to meet up with andreas and his family in a small city(i’m sorry i forgot the name). but after that, i had to go to luzern to meet with dominik’s parents, and it was about 2hour ride to luzern from where andreas’s parents lived. quite a trip. although, on the way to luzern, me and dominik met and we went together.  so here we go for the photographs! enjoy!

heading for winterthur to meet up with andreas and the gang.


suzuki-san and andreas and myself, taking photographs of each other.

on the way to andreas’s hometown by car on a raining day.

suzuki-san using his fuji x100 black model. in the car, we had a talk about shooting films in the digital era. suzuki-san quitted to shoot film out of japan, because he hated them to be x-rayed at the airport which i understand totally. but in my opinion, i think if the film speed is under 400, it wouldn’t affect the film at all if you only get x-rayed twice. if three or more times, the risk will get higher and i had never experienced that.

with andreas’s mother.

now, after this, i had to leave for luzern.

he was reading a music note. a violinist maybe.

i admit, i’m addicted to taking photographs in the train.

a self portrait.

almost to luzern.



at a museum close to the station.

at a cafe, and had a yummy hot chocolate.

luzern was full of asian tourists.

like this also. oh i’m also an asian tourist.

on the way to dominik’s home.

the weather was really nice. arrived at the house(not in the photo).

a football match!! european football!!

now back at the house. we had Älplermagronen. don’t have a picture of it because i suck at taking photographs of food, especially in b/w. it was macronees and cheese, smashed potatos with apple smashed sauce, oh it was sooooooo delicious!

the chef of Älplermagronen, dominik’s father with a dslr.

the family had four kitties. i forgot their names…

woke up the next day at the flat of dominik’s and took this.

i wore shoes all the time when i was at the flat except when i had a sleep. not japanese.

it was snowing that day also.

before i left, i took dominik’s addict, pair of shoes. so many.

i was too cold and lazy to get close.

at the zurich station.

she’s talking to her.

sisi xiong, andreas’s assistant in china. we head together from the station to the airport.


so that was it. my first trip to europe.
i think i missed a lot of photos to be taken, and i guess i just have to go back and take those moments. well, i think that would be a good reason for me to go back to swizterland. also i need to go around the continent more and definitely need more time.