so the next day came, went out for shopping with yuta for some cheese and wine at a super market which was about a 20 min walk from the flat.

well i hate the tones that i got from paris, i couldn’t quite get the tonal range of the trix that i wanted. maybe too much agitation. but this is just a blog so wont think about that. and there is really nothing much to say about some photographs but i’m just posting anyways.

in front of a japanese restaurant but she didn’t look so japanese to me.

la pain traditionnel as always.

they were looking at some political sign.

arrived at Parc de Belleville.

out of a bush, a cat came out suddenly.

they were probably shooting a music clip with a small dslr.

we were heading for the Montmartre.

we started seeing these kind of guys. which means we were getting close to the Monmartre, you’ll see them everywhere where tourists go for sight seeing.

like a winogrand? no, it’s not good enough.

like father like son. not really anything to say so photos from here.

so off from Monmartre, now to the central area.

into a bagel restaurant.

la toilette selfie.

it’s too hard to see but yeah it’s the love romance of paris.

a demo in the city, they were trying to appeal and demanding to free an activist in egypt who was caught in prison by the country.

a couple at a wine bar.

another la toilette selfie. just to leave my traces like a dog.

in front of notre dame.

the next day, international new york times treated like such.

the tones suck in most of my paris shots, maybe too much agitation…

so below the eiffel tower.

so flood of photographs i took. more and more to come…

an old fashioned beautiful car broke down, so they had to move it. sorry i didn’t help.

now in the louvre.

a lovely couple, i had to ask for a photo.

last night at paris, finally having dinner with arno, yuta’s friend from his university. his japanese was not bad, maybe better than mine, in a way.

we had a lot of wine and cheese as usual, and that was a great night.

bye arno, until we meet again!

i really thought that was an animal at first glance.

one of my favorite shots from paris.

on my way to cdg airport, about a 50min ride on bus from paris.

arrived at the darkest airport i’ve seen. not that i seen a lot.

it’s him.

so long paris…

time for GQ.

at narita.

and that was the first thing i saw out of the gate and the last picture from the trip.