I went to Hokkaido twice in April for some reasons, to see my grand parents and other relatives, and also for a job hunt(which did not turn out good). Anyway, I was satisfied to see my grands and relatives because it’s been so long after I’ve seen them last. For the job, who cares, I’m going for my dream anyway.

Some portraits are people whom I met for the first time and had chats. Quite interesting to have these conversations on a trip. Of course you get friendly with more people whom you never met before but you get to know many lives, the way of living. It opens my mind to another broad way and gives me other perspectives. Besides, the interaction itself is just interesting. Those people including myself would have never met if we didn’t go on the trip on that day. It’s like a small miracle, and where we meet is an intersection of life. After we chat, we go on our own way.

And after we had dinner at the sapporo beer garden, I went to my relatives to have a one night stay and before we went to bed, we had a talk with a bottle of japanese “sake” and a small bite of “otsumami.”