haven’t wrote a blog in months. i was being lazy with the scans and making them into jpg, from the tifs.

this entry is from this august which i went to niigata with my two friends from university(i’m graduated already but those two aren’t, or they did this september because they needed more credits to qualify for graduation). there was a “triennale” called ‘echigo tsumari’ held in niigata prefecture so we went to see the modern arts. and here are the photos from that.

keita and yuto as always.

you can see this in color on facebook.

facebook updating time.

something made her mad…

but yup, at the end she got so happy with the talk:D thank goodness.

these two were so nice they just came by my car and started talking how to get to the main areas and etc… oh you can see when i was taking their photograph in facebook also.

there is a video here.

the awesome car CR-V from honda.

it was a really steep hill and the area was a vast place, but we were able to manage that because of the car but that guy, how could he with that bike? although it does look like an electric one.

keita looking tired with the hotness.

yuto is one of the guys who gets along easy with the kids. it’s his talent i think.

‘bijin bayashi’ which means “beautiful person forest” in japanese and keita wanting to go in.

and this is that forest. well, pretty beautiful i think.

yeah he was definitely having fun in there.

a beautiful pond in that forest.

the old.

the young.

there were so many generations of people who came to see these arts.

i think here, keita was afraid of a huge bee that came inside this room. it took quite a while to make him stop covering his ears.

the inhabitants who always live in niigata not like us. they told us that their village is aging so fast that there is nothing you could do about it. it is a big issue as well here in japan also, in the country sides, young generations tend to go into the cities to find work, a better living style. what is there to do? all the foods we are able to eat, such as vegetables and rice all come from the country sides.

they know that their been shot.

i didn’t realize that look she had in the back. interesting.

you can see what we were trying to do here.

keita trying to take photographs for the girls who asked him to take one with the old lady who worked at that small restaurant.

another one from a different angle because the former angle was a backlight. even though i managed to get it right:D

looks like we took one as well with the old lady.

this was that small restaurant from the outside.

phantom of the leaf. we found this fascinating leaf, so we had to take a photo.

we went to see the nagaoka fireworks, it was pretty crowded but we found this open space which was very comfortable to watch those works.

setting his dslr on the tree.

keita running towards us to fit in the photo, and this was taken.

the fireworks, i think this nagaoka hanabi was the biggest fireworks i have ever seen.

it was the last day in niigata, we had to clean up.

and i had to take photos…also i think i did some cleaning up…

keita was good at it yeah…

you see?…i also did help…i think.

japanese ‘futon’.

for the last check ups.

sending an email to nagano prefecture.

on our way back home, we found this interesting old unused bus.

and it turns out that this was his bus, which hasn’t been used for couple of years now. he said that it was used to pick up and carry the people who came to his hotel. also said that he bought it from a public bus service company, and he was able to do that because he knew someone from that company. a long ago story.

and what he uses right now.

and what i saw the next morning when i woke up in my room.
that’s all.