When societies reach a certain peaceful level of wealth and abundance,
the need for men to be masculine–to be “men”– declines.
So goes a popular theory.


Japan luckily has not had war after WW2, nor do we have any public army services.
Maybe this could be some fact about the young Japanese men becoming more feminine
in the past few years like the story that follows.


With his pink clothes and his high heels taller than those of many women’s,
Akira, 20 years old from Tokyo, seems to prove this theory to be correct.


He has no girlfriend, has no interest in dating, has no dream for his future.
Instead of trying to find his own place and role in Japanese society,
he escapes into a fantasy world where fashion is all.


All the young men I met and photographed for this body of work,
are breaking away to live in a fantasy fashion world.


They showed me part of their world and told me why they believe that many more young men,
not only in Japan, are destined to live similar lives.